Charanjit Aneja - Chartered Accountant

Welcome to our Chartered Accountant Firm

Charanjit Aneja, CA is a Greater Toronto Area based chartered accountant firm committed to provide a comprehensive, highly skilled range of services to entrepreneur sector clients. We are Large enough to manage the big accounts, small enough to make every client a matter of personal interest, we offer top quality services and solutions. Although every business venture is unique, and every client has a unique need, but our mission stays the same to provide them best in class service in more efficient and affordable way. Our passion for our clients has given us the dedication to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients that go far beyond the traditional accounting practices. Our varied client base has given us expertise in many industries.


We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area since year 2001. We have been meeting the need for competent professional services in taxation, accounting and consulting. We collaborate closely with our clients as they look for more opportunities either to expand their business or to make the existing business more efficient. We have been helping our clients succeed in their business ventures and deliver consistent results. We have developed dedicated team that combines practical, hands-on experience with innovative ideas which make our services much more valuable and effective.


We partner with our clients, examining the way they do business in consultative way and expanding on their successes. We uncover existing inefficiencies and roadblocks and develop innovative strategies and business solutions that overcome obstacles to greater success. We identify opportunities to enhance personal and business financial situations.


Our clients expect more - and we never lose sight of the importance of complete client satisfaction.