As a Licensed Public Accountant we could meet your present and potential future needs.  We are licensed to provide audit opinions, review and compilation financial statements.  Your business is running but whether it’s operating at its maximum effectiveness, we will help you ensure that your business is running at its peak performance.  Our services include:

Issuance of Financial Statements:

  • Notice to Reader

In case where full scale audits or reviews are not required, we offer compilations services. Compilations are an extension of general accounting services. Financial statements are prepared from the information supplied by the client and these financial statements can be prepared periodically, such as monthly or annually.  These statements are prepared normally for tax purposes or for internal use.
  • Review Engagement

When a client is looking for financing banks and other financial institution does require the Review Engagement.  A Review Engagement Report is also required for certain regulatory bodies like for Travel Agents, Mortgage Brokers.  A Review Engagement requires analytical procedures and offer limited assurance. The Review Engagement does not require the study and evaluation of internal controls as is required in an Audit.
  • Audited financial statements

Audit differs from reviews and compilations, as they are intensive examination of any entity’s systems and records and it provides highest level of assurance.


Bookkeeping services:

Every business small or large requires Bookkeeping. We analyze your needs to determine which part of the bookkeeping can be done on site or off site.  We work with most bookkeeping software in the industry including: Quick books, simply accounting and quicken.  Appropriate recordkeeping saves you time and hassles.  This is the first tool to get organized. We are a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and also Simply Accounting Consultant. We can do the following for you:


  • Select appropriate bookkeeping software for your business
  • Set up books on your bookkeeping system
  • Provide initial training to enable you to start on your own with ongoing support from our office.
  • On a regular basis review your books so that your can rely on it for day to day decisions.
  • Continuance guidance for periodic filings: GST, PST, Payroll and WSIB returns to enrich your knowledge.

  • At your office or ours.Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisorSimply Accounting - Certified Consultant
  • With your software or ours.
  • On weekdays or weekends
  • At your most convenient time
  • Establish Accounting Systems to interpret financial information. Our firm is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and also Simply Accounting Consultant.
  • Review bookkeeping and accounting systems to highlight areas for improvement.




We provide financial and tax advice throughout the many different stages of our clients’ business cycles. Each member of our staff adds their individual knowledge and expertise to create a highly qualified and educated team of experienced professionals.

Since Tax Legislation is rapidly changing, effective personal and corporate tax advice is must for any business.  Effective tax advice can give your business a competitive advantage.  Our tax advisors are knowledgeable and can advice you how to keep more of what your business earns.

Tax planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process. By making tax planning part of your overall business strategy, you can use our experience and access to the most current tax development to minimize your tax liabilities.


Business Consulting


Expanding your business is exciting and when any business owner is making any large transaction it is important that they have the right information to make informative decision.

  • Financial Forecasting and cash flow statements: It is effective tool for new businesses, expansions to seek financing from banks. It is most important part of a business plan.  Commercial banks often require a Licensed Public Accountant to compile financial projections for business loans.  From a simple project to complex business plans, we can assist you in achieving your financial goals.  We could offer you strategies and solutions to manage your cash flow:
    • Buy or Lease decisions for equipments, automobiles and or commercial properties
    • Factoring services for the receivables
    • Working capital loans and line of credits
    • Cash flow comparison of alternate proposals

Whether you need an assessment of your business or need to help solve any financial problem we can help you to

  • understand your business in order to operate and manage more effectively
  • Streamline business processes and improve productivity
  • Cash flows, budgeting and forecasting
  • Review Accounting systems
  • Organizational planning  and assess organizational effectiveness
  • Developing a business strategy to achieve business objective
  • Budgetary controls and analysis
  • Obtaining financing