Our Clients include Health Care Sector, Transport Sector, IT Industry, Retail Sector, We are not mere accountants; we are a partner in your growth. We provide logical and practical solutions on a timely basis. We provide confidential, reliable and trustworthy services. Every business wants to be successful, and choosing the right accountant is the vital part of any business success, and we are the firm that can be the integral part of your business. Our dedicated team strives to coach each individual business to reach their goals by maximizing net profit in most effective way.

Our clients include:


  • Health Care Sector: Doctors, Dentists, walk in clinics

Health care: Walk in clinics/Dentists Health care is one of our expertise, we have been working with Physicians, Dentists, walk in clinics on Accounting, tax and financial planning. We take your financial concern in our hand so that you can focus on your practice without a distraction. We will guide you through every aspect of business from the time you open your new practice or you want to expand your horizons by incorporating.

  • Transport Sector: Long Haul Transport companies, brokers, repair shops, moving companies

Transport industry is one of our expertise, we have been working with Parking facilities companies, Truck Tire wholesalers, Transport companies, Transport load brokers, Tools and Part Manufacturers, Drivers, Dispatchers, Independent Owner Operators.  

  • IT Industry: Performance based internet advertising, web applications, networking professionals

  • Retail sector: Independently owned and franchise businesses

We understand that in the fast moving, highly complex world of retailing, comprehensive accounting control and financial information is critical to success. For each of our retail customers, we work hard to understand their individual business issues, so they can implement the most effective low risk solution.

  • Private Career Colleges:  Businesses that offer variety of training courses

  • Media: Print, voice and internet media based businesses.

  • Travel Industry: Travel agents

  • Manufacturers, Wholesalers: Construction companies, bakers, auto parts manufacturers,

  • Service Oriented:  Engineers, IT Consultants, restaurants, interior decorators, Money transfer businesses, Motels, leasing companies, property management companies.

Services Oriented Establishments


In most service oriented establishments there are several questions to be answered. How do I keep track of my services provided, when do I record the revenue, how commissions are taxed? Let our experienced and focused team give you all the answers. Our firm will help you in sorting out challenges like taxation, capital investments; guide you through extensive government regulations and balancing labor issues




Due to our diverse client base, we deal with a wide array of financial and tax issues. As a result we have gained the valuable experience in many specialized areas; Motel establishments are one of them. If you have any issues regarding your lodging business please contact us for consultation.

  • Employment Agencies

  • Specialists: Immigration consultants, Mortgage specialists, Accidental benefits,

  • Manufacturer

In any Manufacture business most important account is its assets, and whether the company has smooth cash flow to get those assets into play. Keeping track of Accounts Payable and Account Receivable can be a challenge. We will maintain those accounts for you while you can work on your product output.